photography is my therapy. ever since our first grandson was born over four years ago, my photography took a serious turn for the serious. photography was no longer a vacation only thing to do. i wanted to document every single facial expression this new little man had, every new experience for the first time, i wanted to document his everyday life while i was privileged to be able to assist in his care for his first few months. every single moment needed to be engrained into my brain and saved for each day i'll be away from him. at that moment, the idea of leaving a legacy of what and why i see life the way i do is my new life project. one day, all of it will make sense to them. they have a lot of living to do yet. and when they have, then, then they'll understand why i did it. i know i'll be happy i documented everything in my life that makes me me and be able to show my grandchildren in the form of photo books will be the best love and advice i could ever leave to them.